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Billyclip (2021)

^ Phase I (15) clips: first 2x 33mm prototypes + 4x 44mm shown
(Actual Distribution: 6x-Au + 2x-Pt + 5x-Ag + 2x-Cu)

^ Phase II (15) clips, all 44mm: 4x-Pt + 11x-Au shown
(Actual Distribution: 3x-Pt + 11x-Au + 1x-Ag)

^ Phase III (25) clips, all 44mm:
(Actual Distribution: 18x-Ag + 2x-Cu + 2x-Ni + 2x-Cu/Zn + 1x Ti)


Main photo top left shows the first two Billyclips made in August 2021 (in 22ct Gold, 33 x 8.25 x 3.2mm, 1.5g, hallmarked in October 2021). Only two 33mm clips were created (1x lefthand & 1x righthand), with a further 64 made at the 44 x 11 x 4mm size (also handed) between 21/08/21 – 22/02/22. This became the #NetworkElements ‘Gesture Art’ or ‘Gift Art’ project, in which 55 clips were distributed to 44 custodians of the total 66 made (24x Ag925, 4x Au916, 2x Au750, 11x Au585, 5x Pt950, 4x Cu, 2x Ni, 2x Cu-Zn & 1x Ti).


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